Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I'm Diluting

To celebrate (ahem) National Homeopathy Week, here's a little song.

Sing to the tune of Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.

I'm Diluting

©2009 Dale Williams

I'm diluting, up to 30C.

I'm diluting, it's homeopathy.

I'm diluting.

It won't relieve you, from your bad tooth.

It's not science and that's the truth.


I'm diluting, up to 60C.

I'm diluting, molecules I cannot see.

I'm diluting.

Making it as safe as it can be.

Are you kooky just like me?


I'm diluting, to stop that bile.

I'm diluting, it takes a while.

I'm diluting, give your money to me.

I'm diluting, shake, shake, shake.

I'm diluting, all the day.

I'm diluting, say you'll imbibe from me.

'Cause I need you, to believe my rite.

Come treat your baby, I promise it's alright.

I'm succussing, my dilution's high.

I'm succussing, I don't know why.

I'm succussing, be ready today... okay.

I'll bump it to 200C, okay?

I guess water memory is the key

For the solution being weak as pee.

What do I think?

Is there a limit to this thing?

Yeah, there's a limit to this thing.

Oh, yeah, Avogadro.

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