Friday, 26 June 2009


A song about Oprah Winfrey. And if you're reading this, Oprah -- sort yourself out, lass.

Sung to the tune of Lola by The Kinks


©2009 Dale Williams

I saw her on a set performing her mojo.

Telling you how to abstain from processed foods and make Granola.

G-r-a-n ola.

She has a magazine and she has a show

Produced by Harpo, and backwards her name is Oprah.

O-p-r-a-h Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah.

Well I'm not the world's most intellectual guy

But when she gave a show to that Jenny gal,

Oh, my! Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah.

Well I could be dumb but I can't understand

Why she lets antivaxxers give their commands

On her show-a. O-o-o-o Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah.

Well, we can campaign and fight all we like,

Her show to rid of this sad blight.

But the problem is she's a billionaire

And right now doesn't really seem to care.

Well I'm not going to Live My Best Life

And The Secret I really despise being peddled by Oprah.

O-o-o-o Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah.

Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah.

I wish she would say,

"I was wrong before,

I won't do this no more."

I'm begging, Oprah please,

Don't make me swear at my tv.

And that's not all I wanted to say.

Send Somers and her hormones on their way, oh Oprah.

O-o-o-o Oprah.

Now you've given Doctor Oz his own bloody show,

And backed by that nit Chopra at the Huff Po, Oprah.

O-o-o-o Oprah.

Well I have a bone to pick with you

For peddling all of this ridiculous woo.

Your show is watched by millions of people

Most of whom are ready and willing to believe you.

Well I'm not the world's most observant bod

But I know what I got and I'll tell you what

You are Oprah.

O-o-o-o Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah.

Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah O-o-o-o Oprah.

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